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Creating Creatures

This is Leif.

She's a Fire Fairy whose lost her colony and is now traveling with a teenager whose lost everything including his sight. She doesn't have anywhere or anyone to go home to. He's ostracized from everything he knows and loves and together they make a life for themselves.

Often times writers will find themselves scratching their head, trying to come up with unique ideas for creatures or beings that the world hasn't seen yet, but you with a gorgon like creature that has a hundred and seventy five snake heads (each with their own personality ) to be original.

Don't just make a creature. Create a person. Then it doesn't matter what type of body they have, the reader will become attached to them. It's the difference between that random dwarf guy whose along for the ride in a story and Othello from the Summoner Series who stars as one of our three protagonists. It's the difference between Hagrid the Half giant and the monster attacking the adventurers whose name you've forgotten by time you turn the next page.

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